Earth Day 2010

Earth Day is an opportunity to remember that the three R's are prioritized. Reduce, reuse and recycle is a mantra with alliteration and purpose.

Buy less. Buy less food. The sale on crackers doesn't do anyone much good if they sit stale in the cupboard. Even the greatest outfits can be lost in an over stuffed closet - what a waste! The best part of reducing is saving money. For every reduction, a positive action will reveal itself: less driving leads to more walking or biking and a healthier physique.

One may reuse by using the same item for its original function again and again, or by re-purposing the item. A plastic sandwich bag used for dry items like chips can usually be reused without even needing a rinse. Clothing that is not dirty can be worn again before getting tossed into the hamper. Then, there's crafts and finding new uses for old things. With the internet, one doesn't need to be creative; just do a Google search and follow the directions of your selected craft. Here's one for turning old toothbrushes into bracelets.

When nothing else can be done, dispose of the product properly. Some recycling centers will offer incentives to get hazardous items to the right facility. For example, Clark Public Utilities customers in Clark County, Wash. may receive a new compact fluorescent bulb for each burnt-out, unbroken one they bring in.

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