Chickens at home, a green trifecta

I love farm fresh eggs. The different colors, the bright, golden yokes and the flavor make them worth the cost. However, I never thought about having my own chickens. The ruling excuse being that I don't live on a farm. But now, clever chicken coop design is moving chickens to a neighborhood near you.

With Catawaba ConvertiCoops building the "Cadillac" of hen houses, the disincentives for raising urban chickens are thinning out. These portable chicken coops are aesthetically pleasing with a touch of rustic charm. Yet they are also functional. The coops are portable which allows the chickens to fertilize and eat slugs anywhere in the yard. Handcrafted Coops offers similar designs. Of course for do-it-yourself types there are plenty of guidebooks and other resources. Here's a short video of some very attractive hen houses

Fresh eggs, natural fertilizer and safe slug remover is the green trifecta that chickens bring to the table.

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