Greenest cars are reused

Anyone with money can buy a green car like a Prius or a Tango. For those of us with smaller egos and budgets, buying used, efficient cars can be the best route.

The Green Car Company of Bellevue, Wash. a jewel when it comes to green, used car shopping. Their inventory is not extensive, but nonetheless exemplary including Smart Cars starting at $11,999 and a bio diesel-ready Volkswagen Golf for $9,999.

The Green Car Company also resells fuel efficient cars that are less glamorous than bio diesel and hybrids, but still in good condition. These cars have decent prices, but the price really depends on the mileage.

However, if you're not convinced that a green car is better the second time around, there are many canons of shiny, new green cars like this list from The Daily Green.

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